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SKD factory

This project is the equipment storage warehouse of the a Seychelles Fish Company. The structure is steel structure, and the construction time is 18 days.
Product name:
SKD factory
SKD factory
SKD factory
SKD factory
SKD factory
SKD factory
SKD factory
Project Introduction
Project details
Design company: Henan Gefan Building Materials Co., Ltd.,
Construction Company:Henan Gefan Building Materials Co., Ltd.,
Use for: Vehicle SKD factory

The project is located in Lubumbashi, the copper capital of the world. This is still an SKD factory, and its functional area is very comprehensive, including all functional areas such as production, sales, and maintenance. For better ventilation and heat dissipation, many windows are made on the roof and walls.
During the period of covid-19, gefan building has overcome many difficulties, guaranteed the delivery time and guaranteed the product quality. Provided very detailed installation information, I would like to give their thumbs up for their sense of responsibility and professional.
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