What services can we provide
Henan Gefan Building Materials Co., Ltd. provides one-stop engineering services. We provide design, planning, production and installation services for a number of steel structure products, including warehouses, workshops, 4S service shop, commercial buildings, storage , container house, sandwich panel, etc.
A good plan is an important part of success. we are based on the land size, building requirements, and the surrounding environment, lighting, drainage and other factors. Make 3D renderings and CAD drawings. Of course, if you have more requirements, please contact us.
Professional design
Some factors need to be considered before construction, such as regional earthquake intensity, wind power level, geological conditions, temperature and humidity, etc. In this project, through the professional design ability of our engineers and taking into account the actual situation of the project site, we designed an economical, safe and easy to install house. Of course, Gefan Building Materials respects every customer's idea, and we can build houses of any size you need. When you have built a warehouse, it will be the beginning of your career.
Precise machining
We know that Rome was not built in a day. During the construction of the warehouse, our engineers cut materials accurately by computer and our professional workers welded and assembled each component. We can process 300000 square meters of steel structure building materials every year. Each component needs to be precisely cut, the weld grade meets the standard, and the anti-corrosion grade meets the standard.
Logistics delivery and
customs clearance
As you know, building materials are bulky and heavy. Gefan Building will accurately calculate the volume and weight of your building materials before shipment. With more than ten years of experience, we can accurately calculate how many containers are needed to transport your warehouse, saving transportation costs to the greatest extent. We will do our best to help you save customs clearance tax and reduce your costs. You just need to tell us your land size and contact us to start your project.
VIP after-sales service
You may encounter some problems when building a warehouse on your land, so good after-sales service is crucial. We provide 1, 2 and 3 services at the same time.
Reply to your questions within 1 hour
Complete your warehouse design within 2 days
And select more than 3 solutions.